We’re here because of what came before us.

Inspired by and named after Africa’s first people and their greatest lesson: how one affects the other.

The San live what many of us hope to create: A community, where people and environment co-exist in a shifting, ever-evolving, harmless balance.

The San are an indigenous people of Southern Africa, with a culture that is legendary. They live with deep respect for the world around them, embodying a balance that comes of a life lived in harmony with nature and its elements.

Their culture represents ideals that we strive for today — presence, play, equality, connection, and reverence for our bodies, our food, our environment.

Invisible energy

Invisible energy

The San believed in an invisible energy, accessed through powerful ritual. As it entered their bodies the veil between this world and another would be lifted.

This energy, vibrational potency (or !gi: in the extinct language of |Xam) was alive. It was used for healing of illness as well as divisions within society. It was always a force for good.

Our philosophy

As SĀN Beach, we would like to create a similar sense of energy, an experience that is positive for all. We hope to create a resonance, like when one rings a bell and it is heard for a long time.

By doing so, we honour the San people and honour our visitors. We create a more giving, respectful greater community.

It is up to each one of us to take responsibility, and create a welcoming, connecting place.

Discovering a new way of being.

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