The Nomades

Music may heal.

The Nomades find their home at SĀN. A group of individuals with a passion and love for the energetic value of music come together to marry eclectic, traditional music from across cultures, with contemporary rhythms of today.

A mix of strings, voice, percussion, keys, wind and electrics will captivate and transport you, allowing time to dance and rest with the setting sun. The Nomades are an experience, with the aim to transmit a musical energy that is at once grounding and uplifting.

The voice of Maro. The strings — guitar, kanun, oud, bouzouki — of Omar and Odai. The percussions of Shady. The electronic keys and DJing of Yanis. The wind instruments — saxophone, clarinet — of Demarin. The tools of The Nomades.

The Nomades will perform weekend evening rituals to depart the day and welcome the night.

The Nomades Ritual

Friday and Sunday

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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